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March 6,2017

Goedemorgen iedereen!! Ik hoop iedereen een prachtige week heeft gehad! Onze week hier in Commewijne was zeer prachtig!

We had a great week here in Commewijne. The church here is very new. We only have a handful of active members within the radius of a 3 hour bike ride. As my seminary teacher would put it, it's trail blazing work! But it's fun, and we have had such great lessons this week.

I told you all about that couple last week, where they moved back from Brazil and the husband is a painter. We went back to that couple this last week and had one of the most special Restoration lessons with them, that I've ever had on my mission. As a missionary you teach the Restoration many times in a week, every week, your entire mission. But this lessons was extra special. One of those moments you get as a missionary where you say "this all just makes sense". They understood everything, and they were very excited to read the Book of Mormon. We're going back to talk more about the Book of Mormon tonight.

We're also working with a part member family in our area. We sat with the father, Br Kromodemedjo this week. He's a recent convert and has a rock solid testimony, especially of the Plan of Salvation. He shared with us a cool experience, about how his perception of God changed after he started taking the lessons. He said "I didn't realize it, but my perception of God with his children here on earth, is that we're all in this ant farm, and God is the keeper of the ant farm". He went on "but as I read more of the Book of Mormon, I realized that God as our Father, and we as His children, is a literal comparison. God loves us, and wants the best for each on of us. It's love, it's identity". It's  so fun as a missionary when people you're teaching get those 'aha' moments. We're not the teachers as missionaries, the spirit is the teacher. We create an enviorment where the spirit can testify and teach. That's for any teaching calling in the church. We're not the teachers, the spirit is the teacher.

As a part of my personal study these past couple of weeks, I've been reading Jesus the Christ along with the New Testament. Jesus the Christ has really helped my to gain a stronger appreciation for the New Testament. This morning I read in John 10. Here is says "am the good shepherdthe good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.  am the good shepherdand know my sheep, and am known of mine".
It's easy to brush off the symbolism of this parable. But it's very inspiration to ponder about. We all know and want to follow the good shepherd. We know His voice; we've felt His love. We follow Him because we know He'll grant us life eternal. If one of the sheep strays, He goes after that sheep. He goes through all that work, so that He may rescue that sheep. It's a wonderful demonstration of love.

Have another great week! I'll talk to you all later.

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

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