Monday, July 24, 2017

MARCH 13, 2017

Goededag iedereen! Ik hoop iedereen een mooie dag heeft gehad!
Today is Pagwa in Suriname. Pagwa is that Hindu festival of colors. Our missionary district celebrating it by going to a member's house and celebrate with great food and lots of colored powder. I'll send pics afterwards.
We had a fun week. We were able to sit with Shariesa again. She is very excited to get baptized. She understands the Restoration thoroughly which is awesome to see. It's been great to continue teaching her. We also had a lesson with Frank and Jane about the Book of Mormon. They are very excited to read it. Frank even asked for the Gospel Library app so that he could put it on his phone. He reads at work in his extra time.
We were also able to find a wonderful part member family in our area. The father is a less active and his wife and six children are nonmembers. They were very happy to see us after having little contact with the church for so long. We had a wonderful lesson with them about Heavenly Father. Those lessons honestly end up being very powerful.
We had a spiritual experience teaching a man in our area. He is very old and when we visited him, he was very distraught. His wife was taken a few days ago to the hospital for a lung problem. He looked very worried when we talked to him. He wasn't too actively religious, but we had a wonderful lesson about the atonement and that God knew exactly the difficulty he and his wife were going through. It was amazing to see the hope that he received. You could see the light come into his face. We left him with a Book of Mormon and he immediately started reading after we left. That was a wonderful experience of how the gospel gives hope.

I read an interesting parable in Matthew 19 about the laborers and the wages they recieve in the kingdom of God. I think it's interesting about how all laborers recieve the same wage. We all as God's children receive the same wage if we work our hardest and do the things God asks us to do. We need not think we decerve more or others deserve less because we go out of our way to make our selves Latter-Day Saints [having to 'endure' longer than others], but the Lord promised us eternal life, the best, when we endure.
Again, don't have much time but I'll send those pictures off. It's great to see the fruits of the work that we've put into this area. Have a great week!
Ik hou van jullie!!!
Elder Hunt

Cobblestone roads, we bike for 40 minutes on this straight road

Celebration of Hindu Festival of Colors

District color party

Having fun
with the local kids

Name Tag shot

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