Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

Hallo iedereen!! Ik ben zo blif met alles dat heeft hier in Uitkijk gegaan!! Het is wel een leuk ervaring om hier te zijn! Suriname de leukste land is en de lidden hier zijn geweldig!!
This week has been a very exhausting week as every week turns out to be here in Uitkijk haha. But this week we had a lot of cool miracles happen and it is so cool to see the area and people here ripen for receiving more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Tuesday was fun but exhausting. We biked the hour ride from Koerasaan to Leiding which was all going slightly up hill, and we were traveling north. Traveling north is always bad news because there's always a wind coming from the north that we have to bike against. We were able to go teach Broeder B, a recent convert here about the temple and family history work which are two topics that get me very excited. Broeder B will hit his year mark in August and is planning on going with the Paramaribo District to the Manaus, Brazil temple this September which is awesome to hear. That is going to be something that we're going to push with a lot of members here, is getting them ready to go to the temple with the district this September, AND being able to take family names with them when they go.
Wednesday is when a lot of the miracles happened this week. We were able to see a referral we received named E. E is an older lady from Guyana who now lives in Suriname. She's a very nice lady and very intelligent when it comes to religion and the Bible. We were able to teach her the Restoration and the lesson went awesome! She literally agreed with us on every point of doctrine we taught her, and she was very excited to receive and read the Book of Mormon. It'll be very cool to see what she's learned from it.
We had a very cool experience with Z this week. We were able to get his wife, J, and his daughter C, to sit in on the lesson. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and gave them an assignment to it together. It is very cool to be able to finally teach them as a family since that is what the gospel is all about.
We were only able to go see M once this week but we had a very good lesson with her. There were a number of hurtles that we have had to clear to get M ready for baptism and we were able to clear most of those in this lesson which was very good. We taught her a little bit about the temple and eternal marriage, and then challenged her to talk to her husband about having him sit in on the lessons with us. We will be going by soon to see how things turn out. If he does sit in that will be two new families that we've found that we can teach which is always AWESOME to have.
We have had the chance of being able to visit a lot of less actives this week. Church attendance is always something that has been a challenge for Uitkijk. But as we've been meeting with less actives, we've been pushing Book of Mormon A LOT. We've been hoping that this would get the members excited again about the gospel and it's been working. It's reminded a lot of people about the blessings they've received from the gospel, and how they can have those blessings again. It's helping them recognize what they need to change. We have also been asking for referrals which was awesome because we were able to receive a good number from them this week.
The Book of Mormon is absolutely key in the church. Zonder het Boek van Mormon, het gaat niet. The Book of Mormon is absolutely fundamental and foundation for helping us build and strengthen our testimonies in Christ. As I've explained so many times now, "Het Boek van Mormon is het sluitsteen in de kerk". The Book of Mormon is the keystone because of it's teachings of Christ. And that's what this church is all about.
Thank you all for all of your support in helping me get and stay out here! I'll be back with more to come!
Ik hou van jullie!!!
Elder Hunt

Feb. 9, 2016 And this isn't one of those cute rainstorms you get in the Caribbean, this is an authentic, Amazon Rainforest rainstorm.

Hello hello everyone! We're writing today because yesterday was the "Sinaase Nieuwejaar" (Chinese New Year), so everything was closed. This week has definitely been a busy week, and we've been traveling all over the place.
To start of the week we had an AWESOME lesson with M. We were able to go see her on Tuesday, AND we were able to bring Broeder en Zuster R along with us to go visit her. We had a really good lesson on prayer and getting answers to our prayers. We were able to have her relate to past experiences she'd. The R's also gave an awesome testimony of how the gospel has blessed the lives of their family. It was a really cool lesson to have the R's at.
This last Wednesday I was in Koerasan with Elder Christensen. We had a fun time contacting and looking for less-actives in the area when it started to absolutely down pour on us. And this isn't one of those cute rainstorms you get in the Caribbean, this is an authentic, Amazon Rainforest rainstorm. We were on a dirt (and then mud) road and we had  a fun time biking through mud puddles that got up to a foot high. It was some fun stuff.
We were then able to manage to go to the city 4 days in a row which was a bit exhausting but well worth it. Friday was Zone Conference, my first one in Suriname which was cool. President and Sister Egbert both talked about the Power of the Atonement and the Sacrament. President Egbert pointed out 7 categories of the Atonement, we 1)are cleansed from sins, 2) gain a resurrected body, 3) have justice satisfied, 4) gain power to resist Satan, 5) have our weaknesses strengthened, 6) gain the power to change, and 7) have our infirmities healed. He said that any doctrine of the Atonement could fit into one of these 7 categories. A really cool way to study the atonement. Sister Egbert had a really cool quote about the Sacrament. She said "When I hear the little sacrament cups clinking at the bottom of the sacrament trays, I hear the Atonement at work". The sacrament is a weekly renewal and commitment that we are willing to do our best to become more like Christ.
Saturday we were able to help a member named Broeder P build his house. He lives in Temmega branch but is building a house here in Uitkijk so we were able to go over and help him build for a good 4 hours. We made the foundation for his house, hauling sand, gravel, cement, and wood to build it. It was a good time. Saturday night we had the adult session of District Conference here in Suriname. The missionaries were asked to come and give a musical number. We sang "Christus is mijn Heer" (I Believe in Christ). I was asked to accompany which was cool to do.
Sunday we had District Conference at the Temmega chapel. I was also asked to play piano for it which was cool. The District is pushing temple preparation and family history work. The district is preparing to do a temple trip down to the Manaus, Brazil temple. It's really cool to get everyone excited for that. We'll definitely want to focus on that with a lot of people down here in Uitkijk.

On P-day we went to the Temmega Chapel again where there was a district sports day. We played basketball and Werewolf while there. It was pretty fun to be there with the other missionaries as well as a tone of members. Me and Elder James decided that we wanted to bike back to our apartment afterwards. Everyone thought that we were crazy. They thought it was like a 2 hour bike ride home but it only ended up being 55 minutes haha. We made really good timing and it was a cool bike ride too.

I have been learning a tone out here in the mission field. I've changed a lot since being out here. You learn all sorts of cool stuff about the gospel and the atonement. I've absolutely loved it out here. It's so much fun. You rely on God and have faith that he will help you and then you go out there in the world and teach the gospel. Thank you everyone for all your support! It means a lot. I'll be back next week with more crazy stories!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt
Biking through muddy Koerasan Roads

Going to the dentist in Tandart

With Elder James helping build a house 

Hauling all the stuff to the area to build

February 1, 2015

Hello everyone!! It has been another great week in Suriname! A lot has been going on, and it's been super awesome to be a part of all of it.

The new transfer started this week and I got my new companion, Elder James. Elder James is from South Jordan, Utah, and has been out for about a year longer than I have. He's a great companion, and he's letting me lead out on literally everything. It's been rough but I've been learning a lot. It's tough to completely lead out an area when you've only had a month and a half of speaking the language. It's pretty great, sometimes I can understand people great, and sometimes people will talk to me and I'll have a completely blank look on my face haha. Elder James is really good at having me push myself haha. It's been really good though. Elder James just got back from 6 very stressful months in the North Zone. Suriname currently has no Senior couple and so it was his responsibility to be the 'acting senior couple' as well as a Zone Leader. He had to worry about packages, visas, bikes in the country, etc. So he's pretty happy to be in a less stressful environment.

This week has been a pretty rough week. A lot of our lessons this week have been falling through. Tuesday Elder Dibb said his goodbyes to everyone and and Sister J, one of the members here, made us the most deluxe french fries I've ever had. We have not been able to teach M this week. BUT, we did get in contact with her again. She's been out of town and she's had family visiting so it's been hard to visit her. But tomorrow we have an appointment to go see her, AND we're bringing Broeder en Zuster R along with us. It'll be a really good week.

Another one of our progressing investigators is Z. Me and Elder Dibb had taught Z for a while. We had had a few small lessons with him this week where we read out of the Book of Mormon. But we then had a really cool lesson on Sunday. We had an appointment with Z on Sunday and when we got there he wasn't home. Turns out he was at the Riverside beach in Groningen. Long story short we were able to go teach him at the beach and it was one of the best lessons I've had on my mission. Picture a lesson on a riverside with the sun setting, it was pretty cool. We felt impressed to reteach the Restoration again to him. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. It was really cool to hear Z say, "Ik voel blij in mijn hart" (I'm feeling happy inside). The lesson went really well and the sun setting on the riverside helped with the lesson too haha. It was really nice to have that lesson since the week has been a little rough.

The R family is doing great! They're excited to come out teaching with us. It's be very cool to start growing the church in that area. It's hard and tiring work but those few moments you get as a missionary where you can feel the spirit so strongly make it all worth it. They're spiritual experiences that you cherish for the rest of your life. It's really cool.

How many people are in the branch?  
It's small. About 20 active with another 60 inactive
have you eaten any monkey? 
no monkey,  but the craziest things I've eaten so far is cow foot and chicken intestines, snake. The R family feed us crazy stuff!
Thank you for all of your prayers and support and know that I'm praying for jullie as well! Have a great week!!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

Also, I may start teaching piano to some of the members here. Maybe a little something that could help me teach piano would be cool, but still a church publication

Me and Elder Rodas on an exchange. Elder Rodas is from El Savador but grew up in Belgium. He's served on the French, Spanish, English, and Dutch sides of the Caribbean, and he's fluent in all for languages
(ps, they drive on the other side of the road)