Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 3, 2016

What a week! We've had quite a lot happen this week. We've had a lot of meetings this week since President and Sister Egbert were in Suriname again. But between Zone meeting and General Conference, we've had a lot of spiritual experiences and learning experiences.
Chandra is still doing really well. We tried to get her to General Conference but things didn't work out. We had a cool experience running into her sister though. She's been telling her family about us and the church and about the Book of Mormon, and apparently her sister is totally interested. So we're biking down the road on Tuesday when this lady flags us down from off the side of the road, shouting "Elders, Elders!!" Apparently this lady was Chandra's sister, and she recognized us from off the side of the road. She then tells us "My sister has been telling me all about your church, and she said that you gave her a really cool blue book. I want one of those blue books too"! We're planning on seeing her tonight and teaching her the Restoration. Fun way to get a new investigator!
And honestly after that, not too much has happened in terms of our other investigators. We haven't really been able to sit with too many of them because of our meetings and General Conference. More missionaries are coming into Suriname this week though (6 of them) which will be really nice. We'll be able to concentrate more on our assigned area.
Zone Meeting was amazing! One of the most spiritual that I've attended. We were asked to role play (I hate role plays) in front of everyone else. But we've learned a lot about finding new people to teach. And President Egbert gave an awesome challenge at the end of the meeting. He told us to strive to have at least one baptism a transfer. To go along with that challenge, he also told us to pray for a baptism every transfer, every prayer that we say out loud. Between contacting people, receiving referrals, working with members, and hard work, he said that every companionship could baptize every transfer. That goes right along with the goal he set at the beginning of the year, to double the number of baptisms in Suriname.
GENERAL CONFERENCE! I loved General Conference! It's so great! There were so many good talks. Normally, the church plays General Conference in Dutch here for the members, but just days before the conference the satellite to the church broke, so the church was unable to get Dutch translation which was disappointing. Luckily, most members understand at least basic English, so we watched it in English.
Right now, my favorite conference talk was Elder Nielsons (it keeps changing, but as I type this Elder Nielson's has been my favorite. He talked about the simple truth that the gospel enables us to always be happy, joyful, and hopeful. That was such a wonderful statement. To this day my favorite hymn has always been Now Let Us Rejoice. We have the words of the Restored gospel in our hands. That message is one that brings an unending source of happiness and hope. The difficulty sometimes is to always realize that. I also learned a lot about prayer and how that is the channel that I can develop my relationship with God. An awesome quote from Elder Bednar that I heard was,We come to know the Lord as we feel His love". That is such precious knowledge, just like what Elder Rasband talked about. Never forget those truths.
Have another great week!
Ik hou van jullie!!!
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