Monday, January 9, 2017

Jan 9 2017

Goedemorgen en goetjes uit Suriname!!

What a week! We've had a tone of exciting things happen this week. We've had some really cool experiences with investigators and members.

Ten erste, 'k heb all een nieuwe collega gehad! We have our new companion, Elder De Seil. He's from my old area actually, in Munder back up in the city. I used to go to his house and teach him, and now here he is serving along side us, teaching with us side by side! He's a convert of 2 or 3 years, and is a super good teacher (and is a boss at soccer). It's been great serving with him. He'll teach us how to cook like Surinamers!

We had a cool experience with a new investigator family that we have. The Ritfeld family have met with the missionaries on and off. But they finally accepted an invitation to listen to the missionary lessons. Better yet, their three boys (ages 16, 14, and 13), came to church for the third time in a row! The first time the three of them rode the 25 minute bike ride to the church. The second time they paid for a taxi to take them, and the third time they got their mom to take them. It's super cool because these three boys are doing it on their own free will. The father had had doubts in the past over the Book of Mormon, but now he's told us he knows it's true and told us he'll come to church. We had an awesome lesson with the boys and the mother about the BoM, and brought along some family who are also members, President and Zr Linger. They're so excited that their family is accepting the gospel.

In Jacob 1:7-8 it 
 Wherefore we labored diligently among our people, that we might persuade them to come unto Christ, and  partake of the goodness of God, that they might enter into his rest...  Wherefore, we would to God that we  could persuade all men not to rebel against God, to provoke him to anger, but that all men would believe in  Christ, and view his death,and suffer his cross and bear the shame of the world;
What a wonderful opportunity it is to share the gospel with others. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the fountain of light and truth that so many people don't realize they're looking for. Through diligent service in the church we can bless the lives of so many people. President Egbert always tells us to work diligently, but also that we won't see all our baptisms on our missions. He says that sometimes we won't know about other baptisms that happened until the after life. But diligent service is how the church of Jesus Christ is established and how it functions.

Have another wonderful week!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

has his own machete to help with yard work

With both of his comps

With a members pet bird

Suriname food