Wednesday, July 26, 2017

JULY 3,2017

Goededag en groetjes uit Suriname!

It's been a bright and busy week here in Beekhuizen. We've got all sorts of stuff happening this week. We just had a combined zone sports day here and it was fun to see all the other missionaries here. We had a sort of 4th of July luncheon at the park. It was fun.

We've had a couple of fun experiences teaching investigators this past week. One investigator we're teaching is named Mariska. She was a referral that we contacted last week, and were able to have a couple of good lessons with her. One lesson we brought a steller member with us, Zuster Nilla. She has a lot of similar background as Mariska. Zr Nilla also brought her two children with her, including her 6 year old daughter. We had a great lesson about God and how the gospel blesses families. She understood and wanted those blessings for her family. Then Zr Nilla's daughter said the closing prayer. She said the sweetest prayer, and afterwards we saw the look on Mariska, and how she was touched by this little girl's prayer. It really showed her how the gospel helps raise the rising generation.

Our investigator Shahieda is doing very well. She really wants to be baptized! We reviewed the baptismal questions with her this last week, and she's ready! The only problem is, is that she wants to be baptized in the Tammenga church, the branch next door. I've never been in a predicament about how an investigator wants to be baptized in another branch. We're going to see what we'll do to help her prepare. She's been going to Tammenga branch's institute class for two years, is friends with all of the single young adults there, and has family in that branch. She knows no one from Paramaribo, so we don't really know what to do... everything will work out though, and the spirit will help us know what to do.

Zuster Haidy is doing great! It's been so awesome teaching her because we've finished teaching her everything that she needs to learn before baptism. So now we're at a point where we're going over to help strengthen her to help her overcome her Word of Wisdom problem. It's been so cool preparing lesson for her. I've learned so much.

We had a really spiritual experience this week. We brought the Crawford's with us and together we taught to her needs. She was telling us about a lot of difficulties that she's been running into. Elder Crawford shared Mosiah 24 talking about how the Lord lifted the burdens of the people, and how her situation was like that. As we were having this discussion, I read verse 15 and read "and they did submit all the will of the Lord". That part of scripture always amazed me. These people were slaves. They'd repented, they'd fled persecution. And now the Lord was allowing them to come into bondage. Doesn't that seem unfair? Doesn't that not seem right? They were doing all the right things. Why was this happening? The Lord answers "and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter" (vs 14). I know that it's possible to submit cheerfully to the will of the Lord when we put our focus and our attention to the things that He has done for us, and for WHAT WE CAN DO, because of what he's done for us.

Anyways, the lesson was really good and it helped her a lot. We were also able to attend a baptismal service with her this last week. That also really helped her. She got emotional during the service, and later told me how badly she wants to be baptized. Please keep her in your prayers.

Well, that's that. Have a great week. It's been great hearing from you all. I'm so grateful for the support I've received from you over these two years. Missions are very fulfilling.

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt
Pine Tree in Suriname????
Popcorn Popping
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