Monday, December 21, 2015

Pictures in New Amsterdam, Guyana

The THREE Amsterdam Muskateers

loved playing with puppies

practicing piano at the Chapel in New Amsterdam

Birthday Package
 Happy birthday grandma! Hope all is well in Orem! We share the same birthday as one of my companions Elder Burr. Me and Elder Burr both got our packages which have our birthday presents in it. Some members are making food for us which will be fun. Sister Kirtan our branch president's wife will be making us a cake. Other than that we will be doing missionary work as we always do :).
This Sunday we had an awesome lesson by brother Ramnarain, one of four Melkezidik priesthood holders in New Amsterdam. He gave an awesome lesson on the importance of temples. The spirit was so strong there in that lesson. I felt as though I were at the temple, and I am a 3 hour airplane ride away from the nearest temple. It reminded me how much I love the temple and how much I love doing family history work. It made me really excited to teach the people here about temples and eternal marriage, and that their family can be together forever. We had unexpected visitors at church a few weeks ago. It was a couple from Brazil that were temple workers at the Manaus temple. They said they wanted to get a shuttle going from New Amsterdam to Manaus so that the members can do family history work. The members are missing a lot here, like temples and patriarchal blessings, but that is why we're here :) To strengthen the membership here in New Amsterdam. In the dedicatory prayer for Guyana it included the fact that there will be temples that will dot the land. A little weird but a cool blessing!

I'm loving it here in New Amsterdam. Thank you for your prayers I really do appreciate them! Have a great birthday tomorrow!

Elder Hunt
what his first apartment looked like in Guyana

He has no idea why the fridge is in the bedroom

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