Monday, December 21, 2015

November 30, 2015

Hello everyone! It has been another awesome week here in New Amsterdam and a lot has happened within the last week.

We have had some great lessons this week, and have been able to meet some new people to teach. You remember the 3 that we taught. They've been super awesome and have been doing everything we've asked them to do, except coming to church. Well this week we were able to get in contact with R and A's mom, R. R has been raised a Hindu which is interesting to teach someone who is Hindu. Once you help them gain a basis of who God and Jesus Christ are it's fairly easy to teach people. We've had 2 lessons with R so far and she has been accepting of everything we taught her. She was very excited to tell us that she has a brother who converted to the Mormon faith, served a mission in the states, and is currently an active member up in Toronto, Canada. She even took a video of the three of us and sent it to her brother haha. She's been reluctant to set a baptismal date but we told her to talk to her brother about it. That will hopefully help her relate to something she knows.

We got two investigators to church this week. A came with her husband again, and a newer investigator named Ad has been coming as well. Adrian is in his mid teens and lives with his grandma and sister. His sister A is a member of the church but very inactive. We were teaching all three of them, but then A left on a trip to Corantyne area, about an hour drive east from New Amsterdam. It's been difficult to meet with his grandma as well. But we've been able to teach Ad and he's been awesome about everything. He's been reading, praying, and feeling the spirit. He then came to church which was awesome. Getting investigators to church here is definitely the most difficult part of missionary work here in New Amsterdam, as is most of the Caribbean.

We've been able to meet with A more. She's been doing great. We have her on date for Baptism on the 16th of January. It's been difficult because she knows enough English to communicate but she can't really understand a lot at church. We'll be getting her a Dutch Book of Mormon here momentarily which will help her a lot.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the Berbice zone at Elder and Sister Avondet's house, the senior couple here in Berbice. They're the if-anything-goes-haywire-call-them couple. They help us survive pretty much. They made us Thanksgiving dinner (pictures are coming) which was delicious. They're saints haha.

We've been doing a lot of work. Elder Cook is an awesome trainer. He's only been out a transfer longer than me and Elder Burr have too. He literally went from being trained to training missionaries. He is really good at helping us plan efficiently and finding new people to teach.

Lots of good things are happening here in Berbice. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here. Guyana is a really interesting country. It gets more interesting the longer I stay here haha. The people here are kind of wild haha but they are very respectful of the missionaries. You know someone has met with the missionaries when they call you Elders. We usually get called the white boys or the Jesus guys or something haha. Christmas is a huge holiday here. I heard Christmas music back when I was in Trinidad. There isn't spring cleaning here, but everyone does Christmas cleaning haha. It's help us though because people have started playing American Christmas music instead of blasting Hindu or Reggae music or something haha.

I got your package mom thank you! The Avondets picked it up in Georgetown on Monday and brought it to Berbice with them. I will open it up on my birthday tomorrow. There are some members here that want to make us some food since it's both mine and Elder Burr's birthday.

Thank you for you prayers! I will be back next week with more to come!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

made no bake cookies....memories of home

boat in Berbice

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