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November 23, 2015

Hello and greetings from New Amsterdam! A lot has happened over the past week (as usual) so I will try to cram in as much as I can in the hour I'm allowed.

We've been having a busy week. We've been teaching this one family that is so fun to see. I swear we gain a new investigator every time we go over to their house haha. It's one of those families where everyone lives close together and grandma's house is sort of central headquarters haha. We're currently teaching these three kids, a girl, her brother, and her cousin. They're super fun to teach and they do everything we ask them to do. They've all been reading the Book of Mormon and they've all been praying about it too! We've been having trouble getting them to church though. We've been trying to meet with their three cousins. One girl cousin is already a member and is inactive. We were hoping that she could bring the group to church but she was busy Sunday. We were over there last night and their grandpa said that he would like to sit in on the lessons! He'd be good support for these kids.

We got our first investigator to church since I've been on my mission, haha. She is our investigator from Suriname. Her husband is already a member and came with her to church. She said she enjoyed being there. She's been progressing but we've been having difficulty having her read the Book of Mormon. She speaks good English but she reads better in Dutch. We've been trying to get her a Dutch Book of Mormon, but it's months out before we receive it.

One investigator we have She has a baptismal date for the 5th of December. We had an awesome lesson with her on Thursday about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and the Priesthood. We were able to show her our Priesthood lines of authority which she was really impressed by. She's been having a hard time coming to church, which seems to be our biggest difficulty with all our investigators.

We've also been able to get in touch and teach a lady. She is in a smaller town just south of New Amsterdam in Edinburgh. It's about a 20 minute bike ride to the town, which makes it difficult to get members up to New Amsterdam. Elder Cook and Elder Burr had been teaching her, but then she got sick and had to go to Georgetown. But now she's back and wants to learn more!

Our area that we cover is huge! It's super long and borders Brazil. The furthest south we go is Edinburgh. It's super fun to bike down to Edinburgh. You can see the Berbice river which is a river that starts back in the Amazon. You'll get to Edinburgh and see miles and miles of Cane fields. We're trying to get a trip planned where we can go see the bush and maybe even some of the Amazon jungle.

I've been able to communicate with people pretty well here, but Guyanese English is pretty different from American English. Apparently each English speaking country here in the Caribbean has it's own dialect, but there is some English that all the Caribbean shares. The best way I can describe the accent here is that Witch lady on Pirates of the Caribbean (except less creepy). For example, in Caribbean English, the word 'soon' does not exist. Instead of saying "We will be there soon",  you say "we will be there just now". Or you don't say "We were just at the store", you say "we were at the store just now". Another fun fact is that when you pass people on the street, you either greet them with good morning, afternoon, evening, or night. That was the first thing I noticed was different here. Good night is a greeting, which I thought was weird.

Love you all! The Trinidad Port of Spain mission de leukste is. What other mission is dead center in the tropics, with 6 different countries, 5 different languages, 6 different currencies, and two time zones. Being able to say you served in the Dutch Caribbean (or even being able to say you served on Aruba) is the coolest. Everyone here wants to go Spanish speaking so they can make it to the ABC islands haha. I'll be back next week with more to come!

Ik hou van jullie!

Elder Hunt

Love the food here

our apartment area

great sunsets

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