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DECEMBER 14, 2015

Hey hey hey!!! A tone of stuff has been happening this last week (as usual). I got my transfer call and I'm headed to Uitkijk, Suriname! Uitkijk (pronounced out-kike) is legendary in the mission for being very spread out, so the missionaries do a lot of biking, and if you want to serve in the Amazon Jungle, you go to Uitkijk. It'll be fun stuff!!

This week has been a nightmare though. I wasn't able to serve in my area until Thursday evening. Monday was P-day and I was taking it pretty chill, sorta relaxing. We just got back from shopping and I was doing some laundry before we left to go email. Then Elder Cook gets a phone call from the ZL's which said something like "tell Elder Burr and Elder Hunt to start packing their bags, they are leaving for Suriname NOW!" So we scrambled to get our things together and then we get another phone call saying that we weren't going to Suriname, but that we were headed to Trinidad to do some MKV paperwork to go to Suriname.

We left for Georgetown that night and spent the night at the Guyana mission office. We met up with Elder Buehler in the morning and the 3 of us flew to Trinidad where we spent the day with the AP's doing paperwork. We went to the Suriname embassy in Port-of-Spain where we received our visa's. Apparently you don't need your visa to apply for an MKV. So my MKV was applied for before I arrived in the mission, that's why I got it so fast. We flew back to Georgetown that night and dropped dead at the mission office as soon as we got there haha.

Wednesday I was in Rosignol, across the Berbice river to go on an exchange with Elder Parker. We spent the day in Bush Lot and Rosignol contacting and teaching people. It was refreshing to be in another area, not sure if that's a good thing haha. Thursday I made it back to New Amsterdam. We taught some awesome lessons as well. We taught the Seonerine family. They are a recent convert family that are absolutely awesome! Brother Seonerine just got back from working in the interior. He is from Suriname so me and Elder Burr were able to speak some of our Dutch with him. We also taught Kelley and Pria and had an awesome lesson with them.

Adrian got back from his trip from Corrantine and so we were able to teach him a lesson. He came to church on Sunday which was awesome! His sister is LDS but she is still in Corrantine so he went to church with barely any support which was awesome.

Saturday we had PEC (Priesthood Executive Committee) which is being held regularly now which is awesome. That's something we've been working on in our branch as well, is getting better organization. We've been helping train our branch clerk, and we're currently in the process of getting home teaching and visiting teaching going in the branch. If we get those things going Sunday attendance will definitely rise.

We got transfer calls on Saturday as well. Elder Burr is headed to Paramaribo and Elder Cook is training another Dutch missionary that will be arriving. I've just been so scatter brained this week going to Trinidad, preparing to go to Suriname, and saying goodbye to people. I have made some very dear friendships here in New Amsterdam. Despite all the things that can drive me crazy here, it'll be hard to leave. You truly won't know how much you'll miss something until you have to leave it. I'm excited to go to Suriname though! My new comp seems super cool and I WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO START USING MY DUTCH!!! Everyone says to be grateful for being able to speak English for a time but I personally think the sooner you get to your area the sooner you'll get the language down.

I am grateful for this chance that I have to be able to serve as a missionary here in New Amsterdam. It's been quite the ride on my mission and I'm excited for more of the things the Lord has in store for me. It's been relatively crazy but in the end it will all work out and we will have fulfilled the Lord's purpose. I have learned some great lessons in Mesa as well as New Amsterdam. A favorite scripture that I found this week is in Alma 7: 22-24. Verse 24 says:

 24 And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.

Behind it all is the importance of having charity. When we have charity, we will "abound in good works". Thank you for all of your support! I am super excited to be headed to Suriname! I'll be back next week with more to come!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt


Randy Seonerine family in Guyana

Service project.. breaking the floor

flying to Trinidad to work on MKV's

"I love to fly"

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