Thursday, November 17, 2016

The synagogue dates back to the the 17th Century

We had the chance to go visit some old Jewish ruins today. Yep, you get another one of my history rants. I love learning about this history. The Dutch have always been known for their religious tolerance. Back during the colonial period, all people living within the borders of the Dutch empire enjoyed the right to religious freedom. That freedom drew many people in Europe to Holland, including Portuguese Jews fleeing persecution.

What we visited today were the remains of the third Jewish synagogue built in the Western hemisphere (The first was built in a Dutch colony in Brazil). It was built by these Portuguese Jews who fled to Holland. These Jews who fled to the Netherlands played an important role in Dutch colonization and trade, and helped colonize and establish trade connections for the Dutch accordingly. Their legacy is marked in Jewish branches that can still be found in places like New York City, Jamaica, Curacao, Suriname, Brazil, South Africa, and even Ceylon and Indonesia in Asia.
old Hebrew writing 

With companion 

Jewish Ruin

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