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Goedemorgen! November 14, 2016

Aniel's baptismal service!

Aniel and Josh

Goedemorgen! Het is 'n ander geweldig week in Paramaribo. Het is 'n heel fijn ochtend hier in Nieuwe Grond!

Good morning and greetings from Paramaribo! What an amazing week! This week has been full of spiritual insights and fun experiences.

First off, transfer calls came this week, and Elder Voigt is leaving me. He's headed up to Paramaribo branch. I'm staying in Wanica, and I will be training again! It's been awesome serving with Elder Voigt. I've learned a lot from him. My new companion should be brand new, coming straight from the MTC. I'm excited for this next coming transfer. President Egbert in Zone Conference this week, challenged us to prayerfully select a number of baptisms that we'll expect to have by January, and report that number to our leaders. It's cool because as we've been getting closer to the new transfer, we've been getting an unusual number of referrals from members and other missionaries (it's funny how that works right around transfer times ;) with new companions). I'm excited because these referrals are sweet and will allow us to get a running start this next coming transfer.

Do ya'll remember our investigator Aniel that I taught back in Paramaribo branch? He got baptised this last week! Me and Elder Lewis were able to attend his baptismal service. He was soo happy. I've never seen him that happy.

We had a cool experience with our investigator Peter. His lessons are always so awesome because he actually reads and understands and remembers everything that we ask him to read, so he already knows everything by the time we teach him! We invited him to Aniel's baptismal service, and not only did he agree to come, but he also offered to give us a ride! So how did we get to the baptismal service, by one of our investigators! I've never seen that one before.

Chandra is doing well. We had an awesome lesson with her, themed about receiving personal revelation through prayer and scripture study. It is so awesome to see her faith increase. The Book of Mormon really does bring miracles!

We had a fun lesson with the Sabajo kids this week. We sat in a circle and reviewed a Plan of Salvation diagram me and Elder Voigt made. We then shared with them 2 Nephi 2:27-28 and gave them some Dutch CTR rings, Kies de Goede Weg (literally, Choose the Good Way).

This morning I read in 3 Nephi 28:10, saying "10 And for this cause ye shall have fulness of joy; and ye shall sit down in the kingdom of my Father; yea, your joy shall be full, even as the Father hath given me fulness of joy; and ye shall be even as am, and am even as the Father; and the Father and are one;"
What a wonderful promise the Lord promises each of us if we endure to the end. I find this scripture so important because it outlines that the goal is, what the Lord's goal is and what our goal should be. I'm grateful for the knowledge the Book of Mormon has given me to know that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are constantly, non-stop working to help us and guide us so that we can safely find our ways back home. "God bless us home." a quote President Egbert shared with us from a recent convert in Trinidad.

Have another great week!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

Loves To cook

Lemon bars! Me and Elder Voigt made some lemon bars this week

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