Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Halloween 10-31-2016

Goededag iedereen! Het heeft een ander geweldig dag geweest!

Happy Halloween! I forgot it was Halloween until like an hour ago. They don't celebrate Halloween here. Halloween is an American thing. The Hindus here just celebrated what they call Duwali. It's a holiday where Hindu's celebrate the event of good overcoming evil. They celebrate it by making really good food (nice for missionaries ;) ), lighting candles and putting them in their yards at night, and lighting off fireworks.

We've had some really exciting things happen this last week. Chandra is still doing really well. She has a REALLY strong desire to get baptised and her baptismal date means everything for her. We haven't been able to meet with Ritchelle this week. She's been really sick, but hopefully we'll be able to get back in touch with her this week.

We found a really cool new investigator this week named Marlien. We met Marlien through door to door contacting. She recognized us and was very happy to talk with us. We had a lesson with her, and she proceeded to tell us about how she investigated when she was in the Netherlands visiting her sister. She went to church there and has even visited the Dutch temple in Zoetemeer (the Hague)! She didn't know the church had a presence here until we showed up. We're excited to meet with her. We've only had a get to know lesson with her, but we're still really excited to teach her. She's already promised us she'll come to church.

The Wanica branch primary program was this last Sunday. The Primary president asked me to accompany for the children, so it was fun to have a part on the program :) It was very sweet to hear the testimonies of the Sabajo kids as a part of the program.

I've been reading about the story of Lachoneus and the Nephites this week. Lachoneus has become one of my most favorite Book of Mormon prophets. He was the chief judge for the people at the time. The people were sort of righteous, but a little loose on their standards. He receives a threatening brief from Giddianhi, but instead of falling for the pressure of Giddianhi, he prepares his people. The detail given of how he does that is some of my favorite scripture to read. In 3 Nephi 3:25 it says And they did fortify themselves against their enemies;and they did dwell in one land, and in one body, and they did fear the words which had been spoken by Lachoneus,insomuch that they did repent of all their sins; and they did put up their prayers unto the Lord their God, that he would deliver them in the time that their enemies should come down against them to battle.
The principles that Lachoneus gives to "call them to repentance" in essence apply to each one of us. The future seems scary, but we can react the way that Lachoneus acted, and create an armour in our lives through prayer, gospel study, surrounding ourselves with those with our same moral standards, and so forth, as outlined in 3 Nephi 3.

Have another great week! I can't believe that October is already over, and my birthday is in a month! Time goes by so fast.

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

What we do everyday, here are the cobblestone roads

Taxi in Suriname

Sunset on the ride home

Fun cottage in the Jungle

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