Monday, April 18, 2016

Adrian from New Amsterdam (last area) got baptized ! April 18, 2016

Hallo iedereen! Fawaka vanuit de Surinaamse mensen!
Hello hello! Been another great week here in de stad van Paramaribo! We have had some really cool miracles and lessons this last week. We also got transfer calls this week, and I broke my record(s)!! I haven't 1) switched countries, 2) switched areas, and 3) switched companions. Me and Elder Lewis are staying together for another transfer. This will make 10 months for Elder Lewis in the Munder area. I guess the Lord has more miracles for us to facilitate!
C has been doing AWESOME! He's been to church 7 times now and loves reading the Book of Mormon. He heard the member's testimonies of the temple in sacrament meeting and now really wants to go to the temple. Hopefully his baptismal date goes through for the 30th this month. We still have a few things to teach him maar alles zullen goed komen!
Ch also came to church for the first time this last week, and he loved it! Turns out he actually knows a lot of people at church already! He's been telling us how it seems like all this stuff he's learning from us and the Book of Mormon he's learned before. It was cool to teach him that we did learn about all this stuff before, in the pre-existance.
I know J from Uitkijk my last area is still on date to get baptized at the beginning of May.  Do you remember Adrian from New Amsterdam? He's the boy we found there.  I just found out he got baptized as well!

We also have been teaching another lady, A, and we've had some awesome lessons with her. She comes from a very active Christian background but is very interested in the Book of Mormon. She won't agree to a baptismal date until she has an unmistakable answer that the Book of Mormon is true, but it'll come. She's been saying all the right things an investigator should be saying and experiencing. The spirit has been so strong at her lessons. She had a cool quote this last week, saying "Het koningkrijk Gods begint met u zelfde. Het begint met u ziel." (The kingdom of God begins with yourself. It begins with your soul), which has a lot of truth to it. The minute we allow God into our lives and the many things he gives us, we receive so many different blessings, and we'll also he able to help build God's kingdom.
Other then that it's been a pretty chill week. We hit 103 in sacrament this last week! We'll get our own church building here soon! It's exciting.
Elder Lewis' bike tire blew out Saturday. So for 2 days we've been walking. And I will tell you I am very grateful for our bikes!!! They make the work so nice (and faster)!! We'll fix it today so everything will be back to normal.
Have a great week!
Ik hou van jullie!!!
Elder Hunt  

The Paramaribo district with Jordan Beschizaar (right) who just got back from his mission from the Netherlands.

Church building in Paramaribo, Suriname... It is 2 stories
Dahl food

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