Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm so fortunate to have the best calling one can get, BEING A MISSIONARY! April 11,2016

Hallo iedereen en groetjes vanaf deze Surinaamse land!

It has been an awesome week this last week. We've had our first week in a long time where we didn't have any interruptions with General Conference or people visiting Suriname. We have been able to have a lot of lessons this last week which is awesome!

It's been a bit odd this week because a lot of the members are still on their temple trip in Manaus, Brazil. Between hearing the stories that members have been relating and the encouragement everyone heard at Conference about going to the temple has excited the remaining members here to make it a goal to go to the temple. It's interesting because a lot are planning on going with the district to Manaus again in September, and others want to visit The Hague, Netherlands temple as well. Pretty much everyone here either has lived in the Netherlands, has family in the Netherlands, or has at least visited the Netherlands. So in the travels that people will make in going to the Netherlands they'll visit the temple there in the Hague. Surinaamers are optimistically confident that given time, Suriname will get it's own temple though. I can't wait for that day!

C is still doing awesome! He keeps reading and we had good lessons talking about tithing, scripture study, and daily prayer this week. It's been a bit hard to visit him though because he's been busy. We'll have to bump his baptismal date back a week since we need more time to visit him. So hopefully he'll be baptized on the 23rd. 

Ch is doing great as well. He has a baptismal date for mid-May and continues to read the Book of Mormon like crazy. He's in 2 Nephi 11 now. He's been so receptive to the message of the Restoration and the message of the Book of Mormon. AND it's been awesome to see the change it makes in him. We as missionaries are here to teach and invite investigators and members to keep commitments. It's then the spirit that wroughts that change that is so cool to see in people.

We also picked up a really awesome investigator this week named S. She's been an awesome investigator to have. She comes from a Hindu background and doesn't know too much about Christianity, but she wants to believe in Jesus Christ and is so anxious to learn more about the gospel. After establishing a good foundation of who God and Jesus Christ are we've been able to teach her the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. She said she's also received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, stating simply "Elders, ik heb een antwoord gekregen door de geest dat het Boek van Mormon waar is!" It'll be awesome to continue teaching her.

It's been another great week here! I'm so fortunate to have the best calling one can get, BEING A MISSIONARY! It's been challenging but also really fun. Fun Fact: This last week we contacted a really cool lady, and turns out she listens to the Spoken Word program the Mormon Tabernacle Choir puts out every Monday. Apparently they show the Spoken Word on the gospel channel here in Suriname haha. We've picked her up as a new investigator this last week so it'll be fun to teach her.

Have a great week! I'll talk to you all later with more to come!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

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