Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April 28,2016 Time is flying by!

Hallo iedereen!! I can't believe that it's almost the end of April. Time is flying by! Everything's been so busy that you lose track of time.
This week has been another rough week of investigators. We've been able to meet with Kolif, Christopher, and Anna but other then that not too many other people. We've had a normal amount of lessons but it's felt like we've had a lesser amount for some reason.
Kolif is doing great. He's reading like crazy and loves learning from the missionaries and church members. He keeps coming to church too. The only thing that's holding him back from being baptized is that he wants to see a baptismal service before he is baptized. We've had like 3 that we've tried to take him to. The first two were canceled and he couldn't make it to the 3rd one. BUT, there's four baptisms this next Saturday, and one of them is bound to go through so he'll see one yet haha.
Christopher is doing awesome as well. We've started teaching him the commandments and has been very receptive to everything. He came to church again and he says that he knows a good amount of people at church already which is awesome! In Gospel Principles class he was giving all the answers which is cool to see an investigator do.
It is so awesome to teach Anna! She has been absolutely loving the discussions and she loves it at church too! She keeps calling us for appointments and she called a member we took by her for a ride to church. She's always so happy when we go see her. She is such an honest seeker of the truth and always shares the most powerful testimonies with us. She keeps saying "ik honger naar de waarheid!" (I hunger for truth). Me and Elder Lewis always leave her lessons dazed, but also on a spiritual high.
Other then that we've had a pretty chill week. We met and taught this new investigator that we have named Steve. Steve works in the millitary and is a bit of a rougher guy. He definitly wasn't interested in what we had to say when we contacted him, but after teaching him the Restoration the first lesson, you could tell that he felt something heavy. The spirit was so strong, and you could feel it working on him. It was obviously the first time he had ever had such an experience. He accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and agreed to read it. It is so cool to see the change the spirit wrought in this guy. He went from being a rough guy in the military who had nothing to do with religion to agreeing to read the Book of Mormon! The catch- he's headed to the binnenland (interior) for 2 weeks since that's where he works in the military. But we'll definitely see him again.
Love you all! Have another great week!
Ik hou can jullie!!!
Elder Hunt
Note the Hindu temple on the left and the Islamic Mosque on the right

Suriname close to where they live

they have been passing a lot of these out and working on family history

Commowijnebrug Bridge connects Paramaribo to Eastern Suriname

the colors are so bright and colorful

1000 miles on his bike in 5 weeks!!!

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