Monday, April 3, 2017

February 15 2017

Hallo en groetjes uit mijn nieuwe gebied in Commewijne.

So we had zone conference on Monday, which is why we didn't email then. And then our email shop here had it's internet down on Tuesday, so wala! We're emailing you on Wednesday.

It's been an absolutely crazy week, but I love my new area. My new companion is Elder Ricks, and he is from Orem, Utah. The two of us get along great. He's very friendly, and is an absolute mathematical wizard.

Commewijne (pronounced Comb - a - wine - a) is on the other side of the Suriname river, which separates us from the city. Our area is huge, and actually runs to the French Guyanese border. What we work though is a great big loop, which takes 3 hours to bike (yes there are members and investigators on the opposite side of the loop from us, and yes, we bike an hour and a half to get there ;D ). We're stationed at the top left had corner of the loop though, in a city called Nieuw Amsterdam (Dutch spelling for New Amsterdam). Nieuw Amsterdam is where the big old fort was that we visited about 6 months ago. It's actually a 3 minute bike ride from our apartment, so we bike there in the morning and then go walking on it's river side for exercise in the morning.

Commewijne is new to the church and new to missionary work. It's only been open as a missionary area for a little over a year now. A few of the members here were baptized in the city and then moved here, and all the others are recent converts. Our area is on the outskirts of the church's influence, and is very new. It's exciting though. We have some cool members and investigators that we get to teach and work with. I have to keep this short because we have a billion other things to do today. But I wish you all the best and I'll write to you in 5.

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt


Elder Crawford, Elder Josh, Elder Flemming

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