Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jan 23,2017

Goededag iedereen! Het lijkt als het al koud en snieuwachtig thuis is. Hier in Suriname is het lekker heet!

We had another great week. We had some fun experiences teaching people this week. A trio companionship is always a bit awkward because it's hard to figure out who should teach when. We're getting a good routine down that lets us all teach in unity though. For our zone activity today we went and played volleyball and soccer. Elder DeSeil is very good in soccer! He and the other Nederlander missionaries creamed the rest of us. (After a sports day you always feel sun burnt and sore).

We found a really nice lady to teach named Zelfie. We contacted her a couple of weeks back. She was apparently a previous investigator. Between the time the last missionaries taught her until now, she read through the entire Book of Mormon, in 6 months, ON HER OWN FREE WILL! She's super cool, and thoroughly understands everything that we give her to read. She likes to talk a lot, and will talk at us for hours if we don't cut in, but it's super cool to teach her and to see her willingness to learn now.

I also had a neat experience last night. We were planning on seeing an investigator after we went and visited some members. We saw our investigator at another house as we were biking to our appointment with the member. After the lesson we called her to see if she would be at that house or if we needed to go to where we normally teach her, but her phone wasn't on. We weren't sure what that meant, so we continued to bike on to where we normally teach her. But as we were biking we pasted the house I thought I saw her at (I wasn't exactly sure), and something told me to stop and go to that house. As we did a man walked outside and up to the gate. He greeted us and without saying anything else opened the gate for us and let us walk in. He pulled up three chairs for us to sit, and we started talking to him. He proceeded to talk to us about all these political/economic problems he's been dealing with. We then had one of the most spiritual Restoration lessons I've ever had. It was so cool to see the spirit work through you to tell you to do something for someone else.

I'm running out of time but I wish you all another wonderful week!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt
Made his Dad's Italian sandwiches 

Suriname food

Hanging out with the monkeys

Zelfie's cute dog

Amazing Sunsets

Dutch style building

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