Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jan 16, 2017 Wake up I am on!

Goedemorgen en groetjes vanuit Suriname!

We've had a good week. We've been focusing a lot on finding investigators lately, and have met some really cool people that have seemed to be prepared. We met one lady this week who was really sad when we talked to her because her son had ran away from home with her car recently. We talked to her about a lot about the Plan of Salvation and how the Lord knows what happens in our lives and will assist us and give us a reassurance of His love for us. We then tied that into the Restoration by talking about how these truths were Restored back to the earth through Joesph Smith. The spirit was really strong and was but one example of people we met. We also met others who were previous investigators, and again, would talk to us about the Book of Mormon and how cool they thought it was, without us even bringing it up.

We also met a really cool man from the Philippines, who was very interested in the Restoration when we talked to him about it. He's been all over the place and has visited many churches. Our first lesson with him was really good. He was asking us so many different questions like if we pay tithing or if we drink alcohol or if we do baptism by immersion, and he believed everything that we taught him! He had a good excitement about him, not sure sheer curiosity of 'that one church down the block'.

We had District Conference again this week. (District Conference is the equivalent to stake conference), and we worked really hard to get investigators there. It was really cool because three of them came and we're very happy that they did. It's a funny story because it was announced that the conference would begin at 10am. So we missionaries get there about 20 minutes early and I being the 'designated piano player' started playing prelude music as normal. After 20 minutes of playing another missionary taps me on the shoulder and informed me that the meeting was postponed for an hour. So I ended up playing piano for like an hour straight. I played like 40 minutes of prelude for a chapel stuffed with people and then another 20 minutes accompanying them while they sang.

The reason being why they postponed the meeting was because the church ended up broadcasting a message from Salt Lake City, live, to the Caribbean area for stake/district conference. Elder Christensen and Elder Cornish from the Sevently, Sister Burton, and Elder Neil A Anderson spoke, so it ended up being a mini General Conference. It was cool because the church flew three translators out of Belgium over to Salt Lake to translate the conference so that our district here in Suriname could hear the conference in their native language. It was a really good conference.

I was reading an article out of the Liahona about how we can recognize the Holy Ghost. I personally think that recognizing the promptings of the spirit is one of the hardest tasks to do in the gospel, but it's crucial for us. We take time and train ourselves to drown out the sounds of the world to recognize the spirit talking to us. It's a skill. It's like learning a language. We have to work. We have to struggle. It takes time. It we stop listening then we start to lose our ability to listen. Elder Christensen had a really cool quote. He said that we can recognize the spirit because "we have spiritual feelings within us". It makes thinking about the spirit easier to understand when you classify those feelings as 'spiritual feelings' or 'feelings from the outside'. D&C 136: 33" For my Spirit is sent forth into the world to enlighten the humble and contrite"...

Have another great week!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

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