Monday, June 27, 2016

June 20,2016

Hallo iedereen! Groetjes vanuit Suriname!

This week has been a really interesting week. A lot of lessons have been falling through, which on one hand has been difficult, but on the other we've been able to meet some really cool people this week. 

It's been hard to meet with A this week. He's been out of town these last couple of days so it's been a bit harder to meet with him. We'll have to move his baptismal date again. He's been doing very good though. He's completely stopped smoking now! That's a huge miracle this week. He's doing great. Our last lesson with him was on the temple, and he is soooo excited to go to the temple. We brought by the Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints magazine (we got one in Dutch) and he loved it! In fact he asked if he could keep it haha. Thank you for that idea, it's been coming in handy.

We've met some other cool people this week too. We have a new investigator named W  who is super cool. He's a referral from Broeder S, a member in our area. S was so excited to come teach W. He even came with his own lesson plan, with some of his most favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon. It's really excited Wicheel. We're going back to have another lesson tomorrow, and we're excited for it. We also have a new guy named Chiral. He's an investigator the South Elders had, and he moved into our area. He's a cool guy loves to read. He's really busy with work so it's been hard to sit with him. Hopefully we'll be able to find a better time to meet with him this week.

President and Sister Egbert were in Suriname this weekend. They gave a really cool Zone Meeting on God is Our Loving Heavenly Father. It's such a cool subject to ponder about. There's a great quote that says "You will be humbled as you come to realize how God perceives and regards you". As we come to realize the amount of love God has for us, and everything that He's capable of, we will want to humble ourselves in order to have His promised blessings in our lives. Cool to think about! I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father, and for His love for me. I'm grateful for my own father and for how awesome he is. Love you all, have another great week!

Elder Hunt

Munder area drying out after floods

Munder Area

Alligator Scripture case

It fits his Dutch scriptures

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