Monday, April 4, 2016

Hallo iedereen! Het heft een andere geweldig week zijn! April 4, 2016

Hallo iedereen! Het heft een andere geweldig week zijn!

This week has been awesome! Things have just sort of exploded this last week with a lot of good stuff going. The Paramaribo Branch has been on a temple trip in Manaus this last week. We're all jealous of their trip but it's awesome what they're doing. This small band of 21 people are taking over a 1,000 family names to the temple this trip! These names come from Suriname, the Netherlands, India, and Indonesia. These people are spending a solid 10 days in Manaus doing temple work. It's really exciting to see and the members love it as well!

K is still being awesome! He came to the last session of conference yesterday and said that he loved it! We may need to kick his baptismal date back a week so that we can get through all the lessons in good time. But other then that he's been doing awesome!

We've also picked up some awesome investigators this last week. One of these investigators is C. We received C as a referral and went by to introduce ourselves and give him a copy of the Book of Mormon. In the space of two days he had read through the entire first book of Nephi. He's loves reading the Book of Mormon. He said "Dit klopt wel! Wij zouden andere getuigenisen van Jezus Christus en zijn word moeten hebben!" (This just makes sense. Why shouldn't there be more than one testament of Jesus Christ). He didn't make it to conference which is okay. Hopefully he comes to church this coming week.

We're also teaching a man named A. It's been really cool to teach A because he's gone through is continuing to go through a lot of hard trials in his life. We've taught him about Christ's gospel and how it can not only bring strength in his life but also more happiness. He too has been excited to read the Book of Mormon and will hopefully start coming to church this next week.

To end of the week we had GENERAL CONFERENCE which was the BEST! We watched it at the Temmega chapel. Most people watched it in Dutch but there's enough English speaking members here that they also have it available in English. And of course all the missionaries watch it in English. There are so many cool messages that were brought to the pulpit this last conference. What I've mainly taken out of it is to remember the Savior and what He's done for us, and then to let His light shine in us as we go about doing the Lord's work. This gospel not only helps us but it allows us to help others more effectively as well. Having charity for others is basic in the Savior's teachings. We're able to receive His strength as we go about our various responsibilities and callings in the church as well.

To end off this crazy week, all the missionaries woke up at 4 am this morning to go on a 2 and a half hour road trip to a place called Bruinsberg, a mountain here in Suriname. It's deep in the interior, and is completely covered in Amazon jungle. We hiked to some waterfalls which were really fun to see. My favorite part was the mere fact that we were hiking in the Amazon jungle. (Pictures are coming).

Love you all! Have another great week!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

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