Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hallo iedereen! Vrolijke Passen! (Happy Easter!) March 28,2016

Hallo iedereen! Vrolijke Passen! (Happy Easter!)
There has been sooooooooooooooooo much that's been happening this week. We have a lot of good things (for reals) going here in Munder/Gijersflijt. Easter was awesome! (Thank you for the pictures of Christ, the people here love them!!). We hit the Paramaribo sacrament meeting churchh attendance record with 101 people in church! We breached the 100's!! We just have to keep this going now haha.
Colif is still killing it. He came to church for his 5th time in a row, and we've had some awesome lessons with him. This last lesson we talked about following the prophet and the word of wisdom, and he loved it! He's coming to watch General Conference this week end and he said he'll keep the word of wisdom. When we asked him to keep the word of wisdom, he said (but sort of shouted) "Ik moet, Elders!!" (I need to Elders!). We're excited to see him at conference this week end.
This last week a church historian came with President and Sister Egbert to Suriname. I may or may not be EXTREMELY jealous and envious of this guy's job. He's one of two official church historians the church has. This guy's job is to travel the world and study, teach, research, and record church history. These two guys are the guys that teach the 12 apostles about church history. It was the first time a church historian was in Suriname which was cool.
...Anyways, this historian gave two presentations while he was here, one for the members and one for the missionaries. Missionaries were invited to go to the member presentation if they brought an investigator or less active member with them. We had arranged to bring Colif to the member presentation, but 30 minutes before the presentation started he canceled on us. So we start rummaging through our phone looking for someone to come with us. We were finally able to get Zuster H to come. Zuster H was a less active member here that we just reactivated. We went by her house and she agreed to come with 20 minutes worth of notice (and no return ride either). This was a HUGE tender mercy. We all went to the presentation and loved it! It really helped Zuster H's testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith.
There was a cool highlight from the missionary presentation by the historian that I wanted to point out. In one of his presentations he was talking about how he's been able to see the big picture fo the plan of salvation, traveling all over the world. He said "I can tell you from my travels of the world, and studies of the history and people, the greatest treasures of all time are the scriptures. The Book of Mormon, in all it's complexity, was brought forth by the power of God." The Book of Mormon is evidence that Christ has again established His church on the earth and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and we have a living prophet today! We get to hear from him this coming Saturday and Sunday! I'm so excited! General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries!! Love you all! Thank you all again!
Ik hou van jullie!!!
Elder Hunt

Elder Hunt and Elder Lewis in Suriname

Good thing Elder Hunt had a lot of practice fixing bikes with his Dad

Enjoying American Food

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