Monday, March 21, 2016

answering questions 3/14/2016

Part of a letter written to him " I hope you are safe and are able to teach families even with those baboons in the jungle with you. I was wondering if you like to play volleyball? I also would like to ask do you  have a branch, a ward or just a stake? Also have you ever seen a boy or girl up in a high tree before? Is their a McDonald's in your mission?  Do you play the piano every week at church? What is your favorite food their? What is your favorite restaurant ? Do you like the people? Have you seen a anaconda in the road? 
 It's great to hear from you!! Yes I'm loving it out here. The city is sooooooooooooooooooo much different from the jungle of Uitkijk.
Yes I love playing volleyball!! There's a place here in the city that all the missionaries play at! One of my goals of the mission is to play beach volleyball in Aruba before the end of my mission haha!
All of the church units here are branches. They're just small wards is all. Instead of having stakes we have districts, which is a smaller stake :)
Yes you see people in the trees all the time, most of the time getting fruit... at least in Uitkijk.
Yes there's 3 McDonalds just in Suriname. In my new area there's a subway, I haven't been to any of them.
Yes I play piano every week at church :)
My favorite food is ROTI!!! I found my love for Roti in Guyana. It's the best stuff ever!
I haven't eaten at any restaurants here... yet There's tones of them in the city.
I have never seen an anaconda. But I have seen boas.
I LOVE the people here! The people are so diverse but they are very tolerant and love learning about different cultures. Suriname is a cool mixture of so many different cultures.
Brother Bakker

Elder Hunt loves his chocolate..

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