Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 5,2016

Sweet questions from Elder Hunt's sister to him:

Do you and your companion have the same bike? We don't have the same bike. Both of our bikes are Dutch imported though.
Do you like the food there? The food here is great. You can get a lot of Dutch food and American food from the big stores here and then everyone usually feeds us Guyanese or Asian food.
Can you get milk chocolate there? Yes the Chocolate milk here is amazing! Not as good as the states but definitely very tasty!
Is there a beach close by?  When we go up to Leiding (which is the north part of our area), we are about 3 miles from the coast. But no I haven't been to the beach yet. We're hoping to go within the next couple of weeks.
How are you able to email us?  We go to internet cafes to email. There aren't any in Uitkijk area so we're also allowed to email from our church building in Uitkijk.
What time dose your church start?  Church starts at 10am.
Were do you and your companion sleep and have your meals?  We have our own small house that we live in (pictures on the way).

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