Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28,2015

Hey everyone!! Vroelijke Kerst! It's been another awesome week here in Suriname! A lot of exciting stuff has been happening here
We had an awesome/interesting Christmas!  Monday all the Surinamer missionaries got together and had a big Christmas party.  We got some food, did a White Elephant gift thing and played some Ware-wolf. We were supposed to have a Branch Christmas party but it got cancelled last minute. We knew the members were going to be bummed about it so we decided to fire up the oven, bake some cookies (thank you for the recipes mom;) ), and go caroling to all the members here. We invited those we caroled to, to come with us so by the end we had a pretty good amount of people caroling with us.
Christmas itself was cool. Our first appointment for the day cancelled on us so we headed to Koerasan (the branch just east of Uitkijk) where we were going to go Skype. Skyping was fun, but did feel a little short. We were only allowed like 30 minutes skyping. After skyping we headed back to the apartment and then headed to the R's who invited us over for Christmas dinner. It was fun eating with them.  I brought some of my no bake cookies to the dinner. Apparently they were really good because Zuster R asked for the recipe :)
The R's themselves are doing awesome. We got them back on date for baptism in late January. They said they would make it to church for the next three weeks. It'll be very exciting to see them at church. They've continued reading and praying which was awesome. We were going to share a lesson with them after dinner but then a huge car accident happened on the street outside their house so they ran out to help with that. The accident completely blocked off the road, and it took an 1 and a half to 2 hours to clean it up. That street was our only way home so we didn't get back home until like 11 at night.
We also were able to have another lesson with M on Sunday. We weren't able to teach her last week because of the Christmas craziness. She was very excited to tell us not only what she read in Het Boek van Mormon but also what she was learning from it. We had a lesson with her on the plan of salvation and she was very receptive to everything. We are hoping to get her on date for baptism here in the near future.
Other then that Uitkijk has been pretty fun. I was pretty amused when I heard Dutch reggae music for the first time haha. Suriname's quite the interesting place. It's pretty fun to be out in the jungle quite honestly.  It's not crazy like in the city.  It's very content and quiet.  Sometimes we'll be working/proselyting somewhere and off in the distance you can hear a group of baboons in the jungle.
I am absolutely having the time of my life out here in Uitkijk! The people are great and I love speaking Dutch even if I can only speak a little.  My package hasn't come yet so I don't have any pictures as for now< Thank you for all your support! I'll be back next week with more to come!!
Ik hou van jullie!!!
Gifts that they took to their investigators. Each had a message on it 

No Bake cookies that everyone loved, and Danish bread with cream cheese and another topping

Peanut Butter  Cookies

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