Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 5, 2015

Hey everyone! This week has been pretty interesting. It's been a bit
hard though. The work is slow in this area. There's been some really
cool miracles this week though.

You know the girl we met on the street after my bike lock incident that I told you about last week? So we'd been pretty disappointed because we weren't able to meet with her last week. She wasn't there at the appointment we had set, and we lost her cell number. We were worried that when we had talked with her
last week she was just trying to get rid of us or something, or being polite but didn't really want to listen to our message. We had that mentality until last Monday night, when we unexpectedly received a text from her. She apologized that she wasn't there at the appointment and said that'd she'd been super busy that week. But she still wants us to come over so she and her mom are working on a time that we can come over this week. Very exciting!

We also met Another Sister this week. We were biking down the street Tuesday to get to the church building when this lady down one of the streets starts waving at us, waving her broom and calling for us. She's in her mid 60's and turns out she's had a very trying history and right now has a autistic child in her 40's who hasn't been given much longer to live. She's been trying to run the house with her husband having health problems, etc. But she asked us if we could help her and pray for her family. We've been able to go back and help her
and talk to her some. Turns out she has a son and grandson who are both Mormon and she's encouraged them to go to church and stuff. Hopefully more will be happening with her.

We also got in contact with a lady who wants to meet with us. She's had a lot of crazy stuff happening in her life and is really embarrassed about her past. She wants to meet with us though. We haven't been able to meet with her yet. Hopefully we'll see her in person this week.

The work has been slow but our teaching pool has been growing. I remember we were asked by our Ward mission leader to teach some member families to give us "practice". We haven't had a lot of lesson visits with many people. I remember feeling frustrated from the meeting, feeling like 1. It wasn't enough to keep us busy and 2. felt frustrated that my visa had been delayed for something like this, an area where we don't have a tone of people to teach. I guess it felt anti-climactic needless to say. I was thinking about this,  and then I remember the phrase came to my mind "stop worrying about if you're doing enough; go and make Mesa you're home". I've felt a lot less self conscious after that point and a lot more happier. There's a lot of really cool people in our wards and I'm learning a lot.

Mesa's awesome and I'm learning a lot of cool stuff. If you could keep Brianna, Sandy Geis, Dawn Surakus and the Farley family in your prayers that would be awesome!

Ik hou van  jullie!

Elder Hunt

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