Monday, December 19, 2016

goedemorgen ik ben op! December 5, 2016 Turned 2o this week

Het heeft een ander geweldig week geweest! Soms denk ik over hoe bijzonder het is om hier in Suriname te zijn! Wat een leuk roeping van de kerk te verkrijgen! Zendings zijn het beste!

Hello hello! It's been another great week in Paramaribo! The weather here is finally calming down! From about August to November is what Surinamers call de drooge tijd, or the dry season. Every Surinamer says that the best time to be in Suriname is in December. And it's true! All those Surinamers who live in the Netherlands stay in Suriname during the Christmas season. They call December de kleine regen tijd, or the small rainy season, meaning that it rains, but it's not those crazy Amazon-rainstorms that back up all of the city's canals. The weather is very temperate. And better yet, the people love preparing for Christmas and New Year's. In America they have spring cleaning, in Suriname they have "Kerstmesopruimen" or Christmas cleaning. So we've been doing a lot of service this week, helping people clean up their yards for Christmas.

Surinamers are also very hospitable during the Christmas season. People invite us over to eat and are very friendly, "om de gezeligheid en gastvrijheid in Suriname te tonen en delen!" We found a really cool investigator family to teach this last week. They were previous investigators and are very excited to be reading the book of Mormon again. One of them even came to church which was awesome! We're hoping to get the entire family to church this next coming week. It was really cool how we met them as well.

I read a wonderful scripture today in 2 Peter 3:14. When we are diligent in keeping our covenants and remembering the Lord we maintain a connection with the Lord that is a great blessing to us. That connection enables us to have the spirit with us to guide us to know what is right. I don't have much time today, but have another great week!

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Elder Hunt

Birthday breakfast called pannenkoeke

Has always loved pasta for his Birthday

Birthday sunset

when an investigator likes you and gives you a watermelon... rode with it all day

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