Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 18,2016

Hallo Hallo iedereen! It's been another great week in Uitkijk. Definitely a bit of a struggle this week but we still have awesome stuff going on this week.
I led out the area again, this time with Elder Bowen. We had a fun day in Groningen being able to see a couple of less actives, visited President Schipper, and then went by M and the R's. We had a great lesson with Melissa. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ that lesson. We then challenged her to a baptismal date and she accepted! She also agreed to come to church this Sunday. That was my first baptismal invitation that I'd ever given in Dutch. It was a bit rough but she got the idea.The R's are absolutely awesome (as usual ;) ). We have had a couple of lesson with them this week and they're doing great! Sunday attendance this week was a bit rough. There was a power outage just hours before church started so not too many people came. Neither M or the R's came this week which was disappointing. BUT, when we went by the R's Sunday night, they said that they got ready for church (they even got up at 7 to go), but weren't able to because they needed gas in their car and with the power outage they weren't able to pump gas into their car. They did make the effort to go to church though. Their baptismal service is scheduled for this Saturday. We can still technically baptize them according to mission standards. Elder Dibb and I are a bit hesitant but we think we'll continue with their baptism this Saturday. They are so ready for baptism, and so excited for membership in the church. We'll keep you posted.
Not too much has been going on other then that. A lot of lessons have been falling through this week. We didn't get nearly as many as what we've normally been getting. We have been doing a lot more of contacting this week. We were able to get a good number of contacts, nothing too promising from what we've been finding. But we keep going at it, finding those that the Lord would have us teach. Dutch is coming pretty good though. I feel like I can speak basic Dutch. I can understand a good amount too (but at the same time it depends on who's talking haha).

A great lesson I've come to learn this week is to always have gratitude in our hearts, no matter our circumstances
. Being able to have gratitude for what we've been given makes it soooo much easier to have charity for others. I've really found that it is so much more easy to have charity for others when we're focused on the blessings we've been given. We're generally more happy and we're able to help others more. As Moroni 7 says, charity never faileth. What an awesome scripture!!
I am absolutely loving being a missionary here. All our difficulties that we have are swallowed up in our joy in Christ and the gospel. Thanks again!
Ik hou van jullie!!!
Elder Hunt

Dutch Beach cruiser 

Hindi donut



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