Monday, September 21, 2015

So 5 hours later...... on September 16,2015

So....... I just received word that my visa didn't come through with Suriname. The Travel Office is re-assigning me to the Mesa Arizona mission for a transfer. I fly from Salt Lake City and arrive in Phoenix, Arizona at 9:18 am. So ya... that's what's happening.  Zuster Parker was told she's headed to Mesa too

 We leave Tuesday and not Monday.  I'll probably call you before I leave the airport  I'll probably call you around 7 o'clock. I arrive in Phoenix at 9:18 am. Apparently it's just orientation day that day.

The night I got my reassignment I called Brother Parkes (1st counselor in our zone). He's a super nice and sweet man . I called him and he came over an hour or two later. We had a good 40 minute talk just helping me with my reassignment. I made sure he knew how grateful I was to have him come to the MTC last minute and take that time out of his night. It was a really good talk.
I'm actually super pumped to go to Arizona now. Last night at dinner I was talking with one of the Danish sisters who's from Gilbert. She said that Mesa is like a mini Utah, and that there are a tone of members there. I'm super excited to go now. The difficulty now is trying to keep up all of my Dutch. Anyways, I'll call you Tuesday at 7ish.
Talk to you Tuesday!

Elder Hunt

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